We’re asking for your support in raising the necessary funds to publish thousands of copies of our books and give them away. We’re also looking for enough money to cover transportation costs to a variety of venues around the State of Ohio. We want to reach as many children as possible and could use your help.

With your help we can publish enough books, and trading cards to begin the process. The trading cards will come in 3 series @ $2500 ea.; the 2 elementary/secondary school books will also cost $2500 ea. and the secondary/college level book will also cost $2500. Transportation costs will cover the purchase of a cargo van and enough fuel to begin the implementation phase of this project and will cost another $20,000, for a grand total of $35,000

This will be an intense fundraising campaign that will go on for the next month. Your help is essential. Donations begin at the $5.00 level and go up to $500.00. All donors will receive premium gifts for their time and consideration.