The year 2020 marks the beginning of the next phase for Blakfacts. We are now the sole provider of daily free Black History livestreams, for adults and children, on the Internet. Starting in February of 2020 we’ve been featuring free livestreams based on monthly themes. So, far we’ve done livestreams featuring “Ohio’s Black Athletes,” “The Anansi Stories of Jamaica’s Miss Lou,” “Jackie Torrence’s African American Folklore,” “My Life in the Bush of Ghosts” by Nigeria’s Amos Tutuola, “Black West” featuring many of the stories Hollywood left out and “African Adventurers, Near & Far.” We’ve been in space with Mae Jemison and Kathryn Johnson and down here on the ground with lawman Bass Reeves and Emperor Menelik II. The month of November will feature the “Untold Story of Dr. Edward W. Crosby, Father of Black History Month and Pan-African Studies Pioneer.” Our content and manner of presentation is unique, on and offline, with daily proverbs, poems and Blakfacts. We’ve created an Internet destination. In order to continue to provide this service and improve on what we’re already doing we need your support. Donating via our GoFundMe page is one way to provide that support. There are a number of ways to support. Click the link below and find the one that suits you the best, whether it’s a small monthly donation or a larger annual donation, all donations are appreciated.