DISCOVER BLACK HISTORY - FOR A LIFETIMEProfessor Emeritus, Dr. Edward W. Crosby, Father of Black History Month and Pan-African Studies Pioneer is the inspiration for Blakfacts. His work in the field of Black Education has inspired us since our childhood to learn more and more about our story. 

We began focusing on the creation and testing our African-centered, multi-media, curriculum materials over 10 years ago. In the year 2020 we began the next phase by producing over 400 livestreams, which can be accessed in the Center of Pan-African Culture via Facebook and via the Kofi Khemet YouTube Channel. As we begin our 2nd season of livestreaming on the Internet we’re asking you to pledge your ongoing support, so that we can continue to provide the kind of content public school systems will not, for a variety of reasons, for free. We’ve included some examples of our content on our blog. Check it out.

Blakfacts is an Internet destination. There are a number of ways you can support our efforts. Donating via our GoFundMe page is one way to do that. Click the link below and pick the one that suits you the best. Whether it’s a small monthly donation or a larger annual donation, all donations are appreciated. Donate now and 50% of all donations will be applied to the Dr. and Mrs. Edward W. Crosby Scholarship Fund @ Kent State University.



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