It’s Not About The Queen, It’s About the Whole Damn Thing!

Since the death of Queen Elizabeth II (QE2) people outside of the Commonwealth have been paying more attention to the Brits and their interactions with Black folks, in particular. Very little has been done to put the situation into historical context. In order to understand who she was and what she represented we need toContinue reading “It’s Not About The Queen, It’s About the Whole Damn Thing!”

What Are Archives & Why Do We Need Them?

What Are Archives and Why Do We Need Them? ” . . . archives consist of records that have been selected for permanent or long-term preservation on grounds of their enduring cultural, historical, or evidentiary value. Archival records are normally unpublished and almost always unique, unlike books or magazine, of which many identical copies mayContinue reading “What Are Archives & Why Do We Need Them?”

Kent’s Black Studies Pioneer

Next week Dr. Edward W. Crosby, KSU Professor Emeritus is to be memorialized. The question is why? What did he do that was noteworthy? Here are just a few of his notable accomplishments. First of all he became a Black Studies pioneer when he established the Institute for African American Affairs, at Kent State, inContinue reading “Kent’s Black Studies Pioneer”

The Legacy of Dr. Crosby

Today is the first anniversary of Dr. Crosby’s graduation into the land of the ancestors. I had hoped that we could have a proper celebration for the Father of Black History Month, next week, but circumstances have forced me to have to focus on the living, more than the dearly departed.

The Black Panther Party of Self-Defense, 10 Point Program

We want freedom. We want power to determine the destiny of our black community. We want freedom. We want power to determine the destiny of our black community. We believe that Black people will not be free until we are able to determine our destiny. We want full employment for our people. We believe thatContinue reading “The Black Panther Party of Self-Defense, 10 Point Program”

The Father of Black History Month Leaves A Living Legacy!

The walkout was successful. The students were reinstated and the university agreed to meet the demands of the students to create a Black Cultural Center, Office of Minority Affairs, a Black Studies Department and give the, so-called undesirable students, amnesty.

The Blakfacts Challenge 2020

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Black History Month we decided to challenge the youth to learn the history of Ohio’s Black athletes. Everyone is welcome to participate in the “Blakfacts Challenge 2020,” but we’re only awarding prizes to young people, between the ages of 8 and 18. Select the link to be taken directlyContinue reading “The Blakfacts Challenge 2020”