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We’re hard at work documenting Akron’s Black history. Black history is being made and documented every day. Our job is to find it and put it into a format that makes it accessible, memorable and useful to students from 8-80.

Our publications a number of interactive books for children, college level books for secondary and collegiate study, trading cards for all ages and all kinds of video recordings, from instructional videos to interviews, performances and speeches.

The curriculum of the future is here. Blakfacts Educational Research, Inc. (BER) set out to create a comprehensive curriculum tailor made for students in NE Ohio, particularly Akron, OH. Our multicultural curriculum is innovative, interactive and interesting to students of all ages. This unique curriculum is beyond the planning stage, but remains incomplete. There’s still much more to be done. We’ve been able to lay the groundwork and have created a model upon which to build. Now what we need is your input and support.

Although our curriculum was created with residents of Akron in mind, it’s not limited to Akron alone. Our primary multi-volume series, Ohio’s Black Athletes, includes athletes from all over NE Ohio, as well as athletes from central and southern Ohio, in order to represent as many sports as possible.

We’re currently in the processing of expanding our focus to include many more women. For the most part women have been locked out of professional sports, which has made it very difficult to find female athletes to feature in our publications. So far, we have been able to find one professional, female fastpitch softball player, race car driver, hockey player, golfer, baton twirler and world class track star. Recently, we stumbled upon some female WNBA stars, gymnasts and tennis players, but it’s been a real slog, because of the lack of information that has been compiled. If you know of someone who should be featured in our publications, please let us know. In the end you are our most valuable resource.


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