What’s Behind Our Logo?

We picked our logo because of the direct relationship between the Amasunzu hairstyle and the Khepresh crown of the Egyptians. In our historical research we’ve been able to find East African hairstyles that match each of the crowns of the pharaohs. The Amasunzu, in particular is one of the most distinctive and requires the typical helicoid hair that is specific to African people. Check out the video below for a detailed history of the Amasunzu in Rwanda, one of a number of countries where the hairstyle is still being worn.

Amasunzu Is the Retro-Future of Hair _

Hairstyles in traditional societies are more than a personal choice, they are symbols of status and position in society. The Amasunzu had been banned during colonial times, for just this reason. The goal of banning it was to replace the social hierarchy already in place for a colonial hierarchy.

Decades later the Amasunzu is having a resurgence, as a way of expressing national pride. We chose an image comparing a man wearing the Amasunzu with an image of one of the pharaohs of Egypt’s 18th dynasty to show that there was and still is a connection between the ancient Egyptians and the peoples of Central Africa. This connection has been denied

by many European scholars over the years and was but another way to minimize the importance of African traditional cultures, while claiming a connection to one of Africa’s most advanced civilizations.   

Screenshot 2020-01-04 at 1.32.08 AM

Blakfacts is about the business of revealing these lost connections and accomplishments of African peoples around the world. We hope that all who visit our website will get something positive from our posts, videos, blogs and the educational products we sell here.

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