The Blakfacts Challenge 2020

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Black History Month we decided to challenge the youth to learn the history of Ohio’s Black athletes. Everyone is welcome to participate in the “Blakfacts Challenge 2020,” but we’re only awarding prizes to young people, between the ages of 8 and 18. Select the link to be taken directly to the Blakfacts Challenge page.

The Challenge is a series of 29 questions about the lives, loves and careers of a few of Ohio’s Black athletes. Our goal is simple. We want to encourage young people to not only shoot for the stars, we want them to know who the stars are, that walk amongst us. This challenge features Black athletes from Ohio, with a focus on Akron.

This Challenge is the result of 10 years of intensive historical research and study. Participants will learn about the athletes, the times they lived in and how they turned “athletic success into success in life.” 

Anyone who wants to take The Challenge should feel free to do so. Use the link below to access the online quiz. The answers to all the questions will be posted on our website and on Youtube, on a daily basis. Make sure to subscribe to this website and the Blakfacts Youtube Channel for regular updates. All qualified entrants who make a score of 80 or better will be entered in the drawing to be Youtube livestreamed on March 9th, 2020. 

Winners of the drawing will receive cash and prizes. First prize winners will receive $20, second place will receive $10 and third place will receive $5. All three winners will also receive a book and pack of collectible trading cards from our “Ohio’s Black Athletes” series.

All prizes will be delivered via the U.S. mail.

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